2019 Hokkaido Moodle Summer Workshop
Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
September 5th (Thu.9:30~17:00) & 6th (Fri.9:30~15:00)
Hokkaido Moodle Summer Workshop poster

Welcome to the Hokkaido Moodle Summer Workshop

This 2-day workshop is for anyone interested in learning Moodle, from those who have never used it to expert users. There will be sessions for everyone. If you have never used Moodle, then you will want to attend the session explaining what this powerful learning management system can do for you and your students. There will be other sessions to help beginners to get the content from their course into Moodle. For the more experienced users there will be sessions on specific modules and ways to use Moodle in different subjects and classroom settings.

Of course, if you are an advanced user we would like you to share your knowledge and expertise by conducting sessions or making presentations on how you use Moodle. There will be in-depth 90-minute hands on workshops for different modules/plugins, 40-minute presentations on ways to use Moodle and 60-minute lightning rounds where 5 or 6 people will quickly share interesting and useful aspects of Moodle that they have discovered.

You do not need to register to attend the Hokkaido Moodle Summer Workshop. You are welcome to turn up without pre-registering. However, we would appreciate it if you could register the likelihood of you attending in order to help us with planning. Thank you.

To register follow the steps below.

How to create an account for the workshop and to register

1. First you need to Create an account in this site.

(If you have attended the Hokkaido Moodle Summer Workshop before you already have an account, you can just click on login to this site.)

2. Next you will be sent an email to confirm your account. Click on the link in the message. It will take you to the Dashboard where you can enroll in the HMSW 2019 course. You need to enroll in the course, if you want to submit a proposal, register to attend, or participate in an online forum.

3. You can find more information on the workshop in the HMSW 2019 course page.