Please bring your lunch on September 15 or order a bento here!

We will have coffee, tea, juice and some snacks at the workshop.

We will not be serving lunch. In the morning, you can stop at a convenience store near Teine Station and pick up something for lunch before the workshops. There is also a Lawson's at HUS which is open from 10:00 ~ 14:00 but it is summer vacation so the goods for sale are limited. However, if you'd like to order a special Lawson's bento please fill out the form at this link by September 11 (24:00) and we will order a bento for you. To order a bento click "Add entry" or 「エントリーを追加」(Note: you have to login to the site first before you can add an entry.)

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Hideto Harashima --- 3. ふるまい御膳(赤飯) 950 yen

内田 尚志 --- 2. ふるまい御膳(白飯) 900 yen